Our Team

Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson, born in Kenya (1948), studied at the Oxford School of Architecture (RIBA), after Clifton College, Bristol. He worked in London (1974–76) and Doha, Qatar (1976–78) before returning to Kenya to join Dalgliesh Marshall, becoming a partner in 1980. He has remained with the firm, now known as DMJ Architects, ever since. . As principal partner, he is involved in all aspects of DMJ designs, with a particular interest in the master planning of projects.

William Atkins

Willi graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1977, following which he spent 12 years in London where he had his own architectural firm, and is registered with RIBA. He arrived in Kenya in 1993, intending to eventually return to Cape Town, but captivated by the diversity of Kenya’s landscape he stayed on, joining DMJ in 1994. Since then he has helped to establish the firm’s reputation for innovative and quality projects, especially in the commercial and retail sectors.

Kavit Mediratta

Kavit graduated in 2001 from the University of Natal, Durban, South Africa. He briefly worked in South Africa before moving back to Nairobi, his home. Following a three year stint in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, he returned to Nairobi, joining DMJ Architects in 2006. Since joining the firm, he has been engaged in numerous developments, including commercial, rental and residential developments, as well as improving the firm’s client portfolio in the process.

Drav Soni

Drav Soni holds a diploma with merit in Interior Design from Rhodec International and completed her professional exams with the American National Council for Interior Design Qualification in 2007. She runs her own design consultancy Aligned Systems Ltd and collaborates with DMJ Architects on selected commercial, residential, hospitality and retail projects.

Lillian Odanga

Lillian Odanga has acquired extensive personnel and managerial experience with DMJ for the past 18 years. As the office manager, she ensures that DMJ runs smoothly and is responsible for implementing human resources policies, procedures and practices, including HR compliance. She holds a BA in Human Resources, Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Strategic Management.